MEMPREX project will provide a tremendous learning experience for all involved. We will establish an international, interdisciplinary research and educational collaboration working towards innovative approaches for management of water and wastewater essential to Norway, the US, Canada, Japan and China.

 Expected outcomes include:

  1. Hands-on experience and exposure for students and faculty to international wastewater management and practices through industrial partnerships (laboratory visits, field demonstration and visits to membrane systems plants, joint research);
  2. A dedicated website developed as a part of this project will offer easy access to the project objectives, theoretical courses, practical training, workshop details, case studies, people, involved institutions;
  3. Curriculum development for graduate students to enhance the international content of existing courses at participating institutions;
  4. Conduction of three workshops/seminars to share experiences gained by participating institution in the project with other students, faculty and interested stakeholders;
  5. Practical hands-on training and lab works courses on the topic of membrane technology will be developed.
  6. Collaborative publications will present research findings from the exchange research program in peer-reviewed journals.
  7. Submission of two research grant applications; one to Horizon2020 and one to the Norwegian National Council. Additionally to national grants, for example to NSF and Chinese govt.
  8. Collaboration with industrial partners leading to innovations and commercialisations