1. Strengthen graduate education on membrane processes in water engineering: Share curricular materials for graduate course developments to enhance the international content of existing courses at NMBU and at participating universities from Canada, the US, Japan and China. A new course on membrane technology, integration of new lecture materials, e-learning components, laboratory experiments for graduate curricula with the focus on materials related to current membrane technology research for water management will be developed.
  2. Improve research mobility to learn and share research and teaching experiences: Provide hands-on experience and exposure for students and staff to water management and membrane technology practiced in the host institutions through short visits (staff) and extended stays (students). Collaborative publications will present the research findings from the exchange research program in peer-reviewed journals.
  3. Develop a competitive research consortium on membrane processes for joint research initiatives competing in international research arena: Initiate collaborative research among partners and search for extended collaboration with other funding opportunities (Horizon2020 and Norwegian Research Council).
  4. Dissemination of educational and research strengths of the consortium. Disseminate information to improve the quality of educational delivery, with the anticipation of attracting high quality students to the water-engineering program of NMBU.
  5. Facilitate commercialisation of research results of MEMPREX partners: Create business and investment opportunities for partners from industry through the development of projects and partnerships in water management.